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QR Codes in CMS Hub & Marketing Forms

After seeing HubSpot bring Qr Codes to payment links I would love to see a fresh push to bring QR Codes to the CMS Hub and Marketing Forms. Most third party landing page and form builders these days have QR code generation built in as a sharing option. Since the covid-19 pandemic adoption of QR codes has skyrocketed and it has become a key part of connecting physical events and marketing efforts to ongoing marketing and sales processes. QR codes are most often used to link people directly to websites and landing pages or forms. So the need to quickly generate one from within HubSpot would be extremely valuable.

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+1 for QR code generation natively!

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@Daniel @Jnix284 


Have you managed to find a solution? An integration solution partner we work with has built a microapp that can be installed into your HubSpot account that enables you to generate a QR Code via a workflow. 


I have created a short video of one way we use this at Hype & Dexter so that hopefully demonstrates it in a way that could work for you!


If you'd like to talk through a specific use case, please don't hesitate to reach out to me either through community, at or view my calendar and book a meeting with me

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@MatthewBoyd Thanks for sharing - very helpful, not quite what I'm looking for in terms of use case for generating a QR code, but good to know this capability exists


I agree this is a no-brainer piece of the software that is lacking. I have to create QR codes elsewhere and none of the data from the QR visitor gets added to Hubspot. I want to use QR Code to share .vcf file and track eventual conversions in Hubspot so that I know how they originally found us. Hubspot doesn't track any metrics on files and doesn't generate QR codes so this entire aspect of my marketing efforts is untrackable in my CRM.