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Provide the ability to prevent automatic task type change

There appears to be a smart feature in tasks that when you type the word "email" or "call"  anywhere in a task name or description it will automaticall change the 'type' of that task respectively, regardless of what you have your default task setting as. This then means that when the task is clicked it automatically opens up an email to send or a call screen. 


I understand how this could be useful and absolutely would like to see it remain as an optional feature, however, optional is the key word here.


The automation becomes really annoying if your regular tasks are things like "investigate cause of bounced email" or "review call log from X" - there are many actions that relate to calls and emails that do not require the actual creating of one. Having the program 'helpfully' open a screen that you don't need gets annoying very fast. I have asked other people to be mindful of this and manually change it back to to-do before finalising the task, but changing behaviour is a lot harder than just turning off the feature.

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shinnyarts@@Implement user permissions within your task management system that restrict certain users or user roles from changing task types automatically. Admins or managers can have the authority to prevent automatic task type changes, while regular users may have limited permissions in this regard