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Provide a way to show PHYSICAL CHECKS as PAYMENTS

We are a nonprofit that receives donations both online and via mail in the form of physical checks. Our online payments come through Hubspot beautifully, but we have had to resort to setting up individual DEALS to record our physical check payments.


To complicate matters, we occasionally set up a DEAL for a fundraising event to be able to track donations received from that event alone. Fine if all donations are made online, but recently, a donation via physical check was received from that event. So to connect that donation to the fundraising Deal event, we were able to associate it to the deal, BUT the total payments received from that fundraising event did not include the physical check, only the online ones. So now we have to remember to add 2 totals together for a fundraising Deal event--the total payments shown for the fundraising Deal, PLUS any other payments received in its associated deals that were from physical checks.


Please consider providing a way to track physical payments as easily as Hubspot tracks online payments, so all payments can be easily tracked. Thank you for considering this suggestion!


Karen at Anágo Partners, Inc.