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Private or hidden communication subscription type

It would be useful if it were possible to set up a subscription preference type which is private or could be hidden from everyone.


For example this could be used for an internal employee newsletter who would have a subscription category that cannot be signed up for by external people.  Or, if you have a specific group of customers who you want to sign up to a certain type of emails and therefore limit who would be able to access that subscription.

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May 22, 2024 09:18 AM

@FMaher @JTree Another alternative is to use the Transactional Email add-on -- though it is currently only available for Marketing Hub Professional or Enterprise users. This add-on allows you to send important notifications and service emails to your customers that cannot be unsubscribed from and will not be displayed on your Manage Preferences page.


@NMeyer0 There are no new updates; it is still in development 🙂 I will post more as this feature moves to beta availability. Thanks

In Planning
April 18, 2024 08:46 AM

Hi folks,
Just sharing a quick update -- this idea is now in the 'In Planning' stage, and our engineering teams are hard at work bringing it to life. While I can't give an exact timeline due to the nature of product development, we're pushing to deliver it as soon as we can. Again, please keep an eye on this thread for any further updates. 



Being Reviewed
March 01, 2024 03:48 PM

Hi folks,

I’m Markie, a Product Manager working within HubSpot’s Messaging Experience group. Thank you all for taking the time to submit, upvote, and comment on this Idea. We hear you and recognize that this has been a long standing paint point for many. We agree that having more control over displaying subscription types and supporting different preference page experiences for different contact segments or groups of users is important. And I’m pleased to share that we are actively reviewing and evaluating how to support this best. Any news about this feature request will be relayed on this thread, so stay tuned. 



Not Currently Planned
April 14, 2020 07:25 AM

Hi all I am the product manager on the subscriptions team at HubSpot, I certainly see where this will be useful as folks run all their communications on HubSpot (external and internal) and the need to keep those completely separate. Right now we do not have a space for this in our roadmap, however I will keep this one on our radar.

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It would be useful to be able to seperate the email types and decide which ones appear on the email preferences page (bottom of each email sent) for externals to select.

We have been using the email types for all our emails but now all the options that aren't relevant for external customers are showing in their email preferences selection so we need to remove them and only use those that recipients can recieve. 

This prevents us putting a type against our internal comms etc. 


... same Problem. Would be nice, if there were different Types of Preferences Landingpages for different Projects.


Along these lines, we would like the customer to be able to click on Manage Email Preferences and see the landing page with all email types, but only the one that is applicable to that particular email is checked for them to opt out of. They have to be proactive and select any or all other types, or select Unsubscribe from all, beyond that particular email type.  I know another marketing vendor doing this now and it's a slick landing page. Could anyone else use this functionality?


Does anyonle know if we can remove the "Unsubscribe" from the email footer and only show "Manage email preferences"  and still be within CAN-SPAM laws? Once on the Preference landing page, they can do what I describe above or unsubscibe from all if they so choose.


This is a really important function for us. We need to see all of our emails split out by type (e.g. Marketing, Service Updates).


In the main emails tab it allows me to include additional fields relating to performance metrics but not the email type field. We need this for some work we are doing in terms of rationalizing the choices in our preference centre. To do that we need a backlist of emails that are used in workflows and how they are categorized to help us ensure that our existing emails are still getting through to customers while we rationalize the numbers of types. 


Currently we are going to have to go through our emails one by one to make this happpen


Has there been a solution to this? We have an email type "Internal Notifications" which shows on our email preferences page, and clearly is not intended for customers or any other non-internal staff. If I do not mark this email type as "Active," I am unable to use the email created for automation in workflows for internal staff only. 

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Exactly the same ProblemSmiley Sad . We have different projects in the same account and we'd need different Types of Preferences Landingpages for the different Projects. When will this be possible? Thanks in advance!

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I have the same problem 😞 When will this be possible?




That would be really useful for us as well 🙂 

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Same, it would be very useful to have different types of Preference Landing Pages. I think it is a key for the projects to be fully split!

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Yes, it would be a good and important improvement, as it is also a matter of legal processes. 

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Same here, automation for diff. countries coexist in the same account and we would appreciate to have this option available asap.

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Yes please! We also need this improvement asap.

How do you guys do it?


We have partner and customer lists, etc that should not be open to the public.


It'd be nice to have lists which are only shown when you are subscribed to them, so you can remove if you want and we can manage invites/adding to the subscription internally.


Yes, we operate a two-sided marketplace and have different communications needs for buyers than sellers. It makes no sense to present to sellers the email/subscription options designed for buyers, and vise versa. Even just the ability to list email options by sections would be a useful step. 


Totally agree! I bet tons of businesses would want this but actually don't realize that all the subscription types are exposed for anyone to signup for, so don't realize the issue. I didn't even realize the issue until I accidently discovered it. We have "internal" subscription types for various emails to internal employee groups and divisions. I didn't realize anyone subscribed to one of our other public facing subscriptions could see and subscribe to these. I am a bit baffeled that being able to better manage this kind of thing is not standard. 


It would be great to have more than one subscription preference page for different targeted audiences. 


Need this badly. We want to have subscription types for partners, customer, and internal employees and those should not be open to the public.


ANy ideas when this is this going to be available.  We  have  Members only content that we don't want the general public to be able to subscribe to, and we will manage the list membershi manually.


Ya, looks like this thread is almost a year old, so I doubt they're in any rush to actually build out this functionality. 


We need this feature as well