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Prevent email incidents within HubSpot's basic configuration (GDPR)

We would like to add a feature that prevents that emails can be send out to recipients that are outside the responsible area of a user or team that sends out the email.

For example, we want to ensure that an email originating from Spain cannot be sent out by mistake to another country like the Netherlands without proper permission.

Background of the idea
Currently, there is a possibility of sending out such emails by mistake, leading to people receiving unwanted emails.

We know these mistakes can be prevented manually, but relying solely on manual actions to prevent this, is prone to human errors. Therefore, we propose to prevent this within HubSpot's basic configuration too.

Moreover, in many countries, legal requirements such as GDPR emphasize the importance of taking all necessary measures to prevent the send out of unwanted emails.

Our specific request to HubSpot is to add a checkbox in the settings that restricts email send-outs to the user's responsible area.

In cases where someone needs to send emails to multiple areas for which they have no permissions, they can be designated as super admins. However, a warning message should be displayed to indicate the associated risks.

Let's help eachother to prevent these mistakes by all means possible.

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Agreed with the above justification, particularly for global organisation interacting with clients across different continents and utilising various languages.  Sending an email that a client neither desires nor comprehends can result in customer experience disaster. I hope that the system will be enhanced to assist users uphold positive customer experience. 


Agreed, I think this product feature should be considered by hubspot as will reduce risk of errors being made inadvertently and is a must for hubspot clients who operate in multiple territories. As it stands there is a risk of a poor customer experience and reputational risk with this not being in place.....


Great idea Maarten!
It's very strange that a system as efficient as HubSpot doesn't already have a similar feature.

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While I agree manual processes are prone to human error, I'm not sure the checkbox suggested is the preferred solution for resolving this type of issue.


It would be nice if there were an email sending "grader" that ran checks on your email configuration, recipients, etc. to ensure that all of the necessary considerations were made for a successful email. Even better if the critieria can be customized per account, such as restricting it to the user's region as suggested.


Other things it could check for could be whether any of the included contacts have bounced (is there an exclusion list or not), checking the email subject line for spam triggers, etc.