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Please improve Sugar Sync (and other sync tools with the ssme concept)


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The Sugar sync tool is very limited!


No custom field sync for drop-dows, radio selects, checkboxes

Are these field types so complicated? They are a bit different in Sugarm, but well defined. If the selected value doesn't match, just throw an error.

Many of fields with these types are very important for us and there is no way to replace them with text or number fields. This missing feature is really a pain!

This leeds me to the error reporting of sync conflicts

I have really a lot conflicts with my contacts, but I can't see why. Many of the showing me "Sugar duplicate", but based on e-mail address, there isn't such a number of duplicates in my SugarCRM. 

The conflict list does not say why a contact is duplicated.

I also missing a download of conflicts with more details. If the error says "405 Method Not Allowed", I can't understand iand solve t without endpoint an params.

No one direction locking

Some properties are primary by one of the systems. To update these properties only one way is strongly required.


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