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Playbooks need an upgrade!

📞 Playbooks should have the option to not log as a call, it should be able to be completed without associating it to an activity.

Playbooks should have the option to be required between stages (deal stages, ticket statuses, and lifecycle stages)

🔁 Playbook questions should be able to copy to a property natively without having an enterprise hub. This feature is SO POWERFUL for SMB and Mid-Market sales teams but never gets used because the enterprise hub isn't worth the upgrade to them.

📚 Playbook completion should be targetable with workflows. Spinning off automation from the playbook being completed OR not completed is a simple workflow that can hold sales reps accountable for accurate data tracking.

That is my playbook plea, sign below if you agree 🤲

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+100...especially being able to log a playbook without it being a "call"

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Yes, playbooks are the secret weapon to getting good data in - would be very useful on Pro level