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Organizing Template Emails by Folder & Fixed Order



Currently, when you send a one-to-one email, you can select Templates, and choose to filter the Templates by the Owner.


It would be very nice to have the option to filter by the Owner AND the Folder.


Screenshot 2024-02-08 at 12.34.28 PM.png

We are given folders to organize our Templates when creating them, but no access to the folders specifically when search within a Contact Page.


**Folders are accessible on the Mobile app, but not on the Desktop.






We organize our Templates by name and want the most frequently used Templates in order.


We use numbers in the Template Name to achieve some order, however it's a very finicky system. As you can see, '10' comes after '1', skipping '2', '3', and '4' etc...


Please fix this... or better yet...

Please give us the the option of arranging a FIXED order for the Templates we want to see listed here.