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Optional Line Items for Quotes

There should be a check box or something that would allow you to make an included line item optional.  


The system would immediately recognize this, perhaps highlight the line item in different color, and then add small verbiage that says something along the lines of "Optional Line Item - not included in total price" or just "Optional".


Additionally, it should mark the line item cost/price as zero so that it's not included in the total price of the quote.


This I believe is better than simply adding a line item and then setting the quantity to zero.  It may confuse the customer.

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I love this idea! I was thinking of using the Comments section as a place to show optional items and was coming here to ask about being able to add line items to the comments section. But your idea makes a lot more sense. 🙂


Highly appreciated NHuffman's idea. Optional Line Items are a huge deal in our every day business and would be a game changer to switch to HubSpot offers instead PandaDoc. 

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This is a great idea and I think it would get used if made available. Since we can now create custom quote templates, my manager just asked me to look into adding this option as the goal is to move our quoting into Hubspot. However, since we don't have any control as to what's preseneted in the quote wizard, I am not sure I could even add this functionality with a custom module.

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I agree this is very much needed - there's a similar idea submitted with more upvotes here as well: 


Great Idea!

We would need this to finally do quoting in hubspot. Some of our quote options are fairly extensive and make the final total look astronomical when tested in hubspot quotes.


I sell a modular software product, and currently resort to writing (Optional) in the description. 




This is a great idea. This is something that should be native in Hubspot. 

I have the same problem : we need to prepare quotes that contains basic products (asked during the quote request) and optionnal products (cross sell for example) . We found a solution to implement this BUT we have another issue. 

The final quote value includes basic product AND optional products and the forecast takes into account the deals with optional products. It should be editable.


This is soemthing offered by so many other tools and it would make such a big improvement to the Hubspot quoting functionality if added.

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much needed!