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Option to turn off knowledge base article feedback

At present we do not allow our customers to ‘turn off’ the option to gather email addresses from those who select ‘was this article helpful- no’ in the knowledge base feedback forms.  It would be helpful to give our customers the option to turn this off

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I just encountered this today, my team was unaware that the knowledge base feedback asked for their email. We would definitely consider turning the asking for their email off if we could.

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The "was this helpful" section comes standard and cant be edited in any way - we would like to be able to remove this all together or edit it and make it look like our CI.

We use some KB articles internally - so the "was this helpful" functionality doesnt help us but the unbranded section doesnt suit our CI and doesnt look right for customers either.


Agree with this. I would prefer to use one of the feedback surveys as a popup at the end of the article. Or, even better if the KB feedback question asked a follow-up so users could expand on their negative or positive rating. Right now, just knowing that someone found the article unhelpful doesn't help me improve the content.


We would also like the option to remove HubSpot's feedback functionality


I don't need to turn this feature off, but disable the email field.


Where does the email / data go? 🕵️


We need to turn this of, replace it with an custom feedback or we need this:

Otherwise, it's not helpful and kinda laughable.

What benefit is there in knowing the yes/no rating of a article? 🙂


How many upvotes does a feature request need to be considered?