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Notifications Pane - Quick Action Buttons and Option for Grid View List.

I may have 20-30 Notifications to process in the Notification center, then mark as read or archive. 


As I navigate through the notifications, it would be nice if:
1. The selection buttons were replaced by Quick Action Buttons labeled "MARK READ" or "ARCHIVE"

2. More real estate was given to the Notifications, and the option to display it full screen in a grid list view was offered.

3. Quick replies could be posted in the Notification pane. 


Thanks. This would make it easier to process notifications.


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I agree it would be nice to make it easier to mark as read or archive on an individual basis, but I would also like to see an auto-archive - if the the notification is older than 30 days, move to archive? I don't want to mark as read and archive everytime, and sometimes I like to see the most recent notifications as reassurance I didn't miss anything, but the red dot does its job by making me click the bell to make sure everything is marked read and nothing missed. 


For opening in a new window, I think it would be nice if it were similar to the Product Updates layout.