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Need to be able to have reports sent weekly to select team members.

Here's the thing...we run these drip campaigns. Drip drip drip. And a number of people open and or engage with the email. But then the campaign ends, and what do we do with those contacts that engaged? Usually nothing. So we want to have a report that can be sent automatically to select sales team members each week showing who engaged with a campaign (including simply opening the email) in the last 7 (or so) days so that they can then take the next steps and make a phone call, send a personal email, whatever. Without this, my team and I are wasting a lot fo time manually pulling this stuff out of HubSpot and wasting a lot of time on something that should be doable via a simple workflow. Go team go!! 

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To "engagement" I am also referring to opening an email (not just opening + clicking on a link or taking some other action). The sales folks want to know who opened the emails we've been sending so they can then follow-up OUTSIDE of HubSpot. Thanks.


Hey @DYurkovich ,

It's a great question. If you've used the campaign feature in HubSpot, from there you'll be able to look at the breakdown of influenced contacts. You can read more about it here. You can create an active list based off the influenced contact, I've attached an example below:

Screenshot 2024-05-17 at 10.03.05 PM.png

From here, you can set up this list as a report and configure the report to be sent as a recurring weekly email. In the screenshot example, I've also included an extra property called 'No Follow-Up Needed.' This is essential for the tagging process, allowing the sales team to indicate when they've followed up. These entries will then be automatically excluded from the next report. Hope that helps!

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@DYurkovich - you can put these reports on a dashboard and email the dashboard weekly.

Screenshot 2024-05-18 at 13.58.41.png

From experience, that approach is semi-sucessful.

I am a big fan of creating either a list or view which sales reps need to check. Depending on how easily (or not) the sales reps can get made to what they should, a simple direction of "check this view every Monday or Friday" should suffice. Otherwise you can start throwing tasks at them, but that would be on a per contact basis, so depending on the volume might get messy.