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Need the equivalent of ParentGroupVal in HubSpot reporting

Salesforce has a feature called ParentGoupVal which we need in reporting in HubSpot too, please!


Use PARENTGROUPVAL to calculate values relative to a parent grouping. Use PREVGROUPVAL to calculate values relative to a peer grouping.

I'm trying to display some 'conversion rates' in HubSpot that compare (that is, divide) two values. One example is a comparison of the number of Tickets versus the number of Deals for a client. I want to see how many Tickets results in how many Deals. For example:
Customer A has created 10 Tickets, which have resulted in 5 Deals. 
Customer B has created 1 Ticket, which has been transformed into 1 Deal
So the overall conversion would be Total Deals/Total Tickets - and I just want to display this as a % for all in a Report on a Dasboard. I have additional criteria I'd need to include like the Deal Stage and the Ticket Status. 
I don't seem to be able to display this kind of simple % as a metric in a Report/on a Dashboard. I know there are tools like Databox, but my client is an Enterprise client so we imagined this would be easy to achieve with the current reporting/analytics toolset. 
Please let me know if I've missed an apprpriate feature in HS - but otherwise I think I need something like the equivalent of Salesforce's ParentGroupVal. All alternative ideas very welcome - this one is a tongue twister for me 😋