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More Filtering on CES Surveys

I would like to be able to filter out specific emails, or domains, or filter by properties to manage who CES surveys are sent to. 


When there is internal collaboration on tickets (via email) internal contacts get added to a ticket. When that ticket is closed, the internal team member is getting a survey of the ticket that they helped solve. 


i.e. when the CSR emails the product team with a technical question for a ticket resolution, the product rep gets added to a ticket and then is sent the CES survey when the ticket is closed. 

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We really need the functionality to be able to set filters on CES surveys. In my scenario, I need to be able to filter by closed status. We have a particular closed status (Closed - Duplicate/SPAM) that we need to be able to exclude from our surveying in order to avoid sending multiple surveys regarding the same request, as we often receive new ticket submissions that are related to existing tickets and close them in this status.