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Merge contacts permissions

AS admin in companies with more than 50 users, we should be able to manage permissions to merge contacts since it implies "manipulating" the database by anyone who can edit contacts even if he is not aware of the impact merges could have.

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Idea: I'd like to have 1 specific permission dedicated to contact merges available into our contact access settings options. 


We have more than 500 HubSpot users and the vast majority of them can merge contacts as well: that permission comes along with the basic contact permissions. 


- Goal: I would like to remove it for the vast majority of the HS users. 

- Why: merges can compromise data if not done in a proper manner. 

- Example: we have many data integrations feeding our contact properties, every time someone merges contacts in a wrong way, a lot of issues and errors occur.


In my opinion, as HubSpot SuperAdmin, I should be able to select a small number of qualified ppl that can merge contacts and exclude all the other ones!  The same way I can decide who can upload or modify properties.


What do you think? 


Thanks a lot.


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Hi @jcj87 ,
Thank you so much for posting this - your idea absolutely makes sense. I noticed that this idea exists on the Ideas Forum already (and your fellow Power User @RiccardoPisani  was the poster!): The product team is regularly reviewing the Ideas Forum to ensure we’re delivering the most requested features from a product standpoint, so I recommend commenting and upvoting there. 
The Power User Community is a great place to discuss alternative ways to ensure that contacts don’t inadvertently get merged when there are many users in a portal. I would love to hear more from you and other users about challenges with setting permissions for particular teams. How have others dealt with similar situations? 
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Thanks @lalexander for mentioning me on this one - @jcj87 yeah, it would be great having one specific permission dedicated to contact merges - I would give it to a few and well-trained ppl only!


Hi @jcj87 ,


This is a great suggestion and would be fantatsic to see this functionlity rolled out to the delte function also would you agree? 

Currently giving the user the 'Edit' permission allows them to merge or delete contacts they own, we outseleves have over 50 portal users so being able to control who can and cannot delete records would be a fantatsic develpment.


Totally agree. It causes so many database issues when done by someone not aware of the impact.


Could you please consider adding a permission to restrict/allow users to merge records. This action is irreversible so there should be more control over who can action this.


I can't believe this isn't more widely requested. I just had a user merge two accounts, thus one being updated from customer to prospect. None of my basic users should have the ability to do this... and yet, I can't take it away without taking away their ability to edit their contacts and companies. Bananas. 

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I think this would be a really useful tool to have, because human error can creep into it and because it can't be undone, people just don't realise until after they've done it. I think it allows for too much room for error, especially for something that cannot be undone. 

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Totally agree!! Merging contacts is a very powerful permission to have and I'm surprised you can't remove that permission from any users

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very much needed!


Absolutely necessary!! Our team members sometimes 'forget' that merging has a significant impact on our platform integrations. I spend to much time on setting things right because I can't disable permissions. It baffles me that this is not an option....

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My customer needs to restrict some users from merging deals based on their role. It is necessary to implement more customizable permissions in HubSpot, as the only way to achieve this is by setting the edit permissions as None, which is not the desired outcome as the team members still need to update the records. There should be a explicit way to restrict/grant users access from performing actions on the CRM like merging records. Thanks!



I just have a problem with an user being able to merge 2 datas since he was the owner. 

I would like this to be available to only ADM or at least in the Role I be able to configurate who can do this action. 

This is not something we can UNDO so, in my opinion users could never be able to do it without the previous analysis of the Data responsible person. 

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We have certain properties that reps are limited from editing. If they merge records, however, the protected fields are changed. Limited who can merge records world avoid this. Great idea @ngould


This needs to happen. A deleted contact or deal can be restored but there is no way to restore a merged deal or contact. My only way to correct errors on this is to hope that I recently exported data that I can use to import a new contact/deal to replace what was merged, but even then there's a ton of data is missing. We now have a section to manage permissions for deleting contacts/deals, we should also be able to manage permissions for merging the same way. In fact, if you wanted to have a permission section for "Delete/Merge", I could get on board with that too. 

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Totally Agree, i need that specific issue for my team because its a big responsability to have that permission avaible.


We need to control this funtion