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Marketing Email Manage Columns

Under the "Manage" section of Marketing Emails, you can select "Manage columns" to customize the columns you want to see. When changing the order of selected columns, the columns you move replaces the column that you move it to, instead of inserting it in the new position.


So if you have a set order of columns using the example of columns A, C, D, and you add column B. Column B automatically gets placed at the bottom of the list so that the new order is A, C, D, B. If you move B up with the intention of placing it in between A & C, it can only replace either column. So the order when you do this with C becomes A, B, D, C, instead of what is intended (A, B, C, D).


This becomes very frustrating when you have 10 columns in a certain order and want to add 1 more. You have to reorder all columns that will end up being after the one you added.