HubSpot Ideas


Make Ideas easier to share

When I'm in the middle of working on a task in HubSpot, I often have ideas for improvements. However, the current process of providing feedback is cumbersome, as it requires navigating to the community section to create a post. This interruption can be disruptive, especially when working on intricate tasks that demand focus. Consequently, I find myself having to decide whether it's worth interrupting my workflow to share feedback, which often leads to missed opportunities for providing valuable input.

To address this issue, it would be beneficial to have the ability to share ideas directly within the HubSpot interface. This would make the process quicker and more convenient, encouraging users to provide feedback more frequently. Additionally, HubSpot could suggest upvoting similar ideas to reduce duplications and streamline the feedback process. By implementing these changes, HubSpot would likely receive a higher volume of feedback from users, ultimately leading to more opportunities for improvement.