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Language indication on topic clusters

I'm creating topic clusters in more than one language. We are e.g. creating clusters about Phishing, which is the primary keyword then. The issue is, that it's also called phishing in Dutch, German, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish, so I can't differ the clusters from each other. Not in the main overview, but also not when I have to e.g. target pop-ups to be shown when visitors are on a page from a cluster.


If I have an English pop-up that I want to show in the English topic cluster about Phishing, I have NO chance to know if i'm choosing the English cluster or not. 


Therefore, the idea is to create some kind of language indication besides the name of the cluster. This way you can easily navigate different languages in the overview as well as when you use the clusters in other settings. 




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Definitely a great idea!


Agree! Huge oversight that this isn't included yet