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Knowledge Base Articles Alphabetical Order

It would be great to have the option to display the articles in alphabetical order, in our knowledge base.


So that there's an extra way to organise the articles within the different categories, with a rule that could apply for the entire knowledge base, or with a selection per category. 


This will add a lot of value on displaying the articles in a nicely organised way, rather than a chronological preview. When having a large number of articles would make this feature very useful.

In addition, if you'd want to highlight some of them, bringing at the top you could add a number in front too. 


For the moment, there's the drag & drop functionality, which is more of a manual action for individual articles (or categories). 


Thank you for considering it! 

2 Replies

Would indeed be very helpful!


YES! It drives me nuts that there isn't a setting to default to alphabetical order!