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Is there a possibility to set SLA response levels on customer basis?



We would need to setup SLA response times per customer. Is that possible with the HubSpot SLA framework?




Company X wants us to respond in critical tickets within 1 hour and they are willing to pay us more to get this SLA.


Company Y is fine with the standard 2 hour interval. 



So how would we build that kind of scenario on HubSpot? 


According to the guideline template:


1. This feature is for Service team/ Customer Success team, or similar

2. Goal is to offer different SLA's and get more revenue with different deals.
3. The value is the ability to offer wanted SLA framework to customers depending on their needs.

4. I don't know any examples but I would imagine offering different SLA's is a feature in some service

5. So basically here would be an option to change values for different SLA's and to apply the different SLA's with either different Customer companies or with different ticketing pipelines. SLA editSLA edit