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Introduce Offset Parameter in HubSpot API for Accessing More than 10,000 Results

In our business case, we encounter a need to access more than 10,000 results in our search API calls. Presently, we generate reports based on the last modified date of deals, updating our database daily with changed deals.

The challenge arises when the number of updated deals exceeds 10,000 on certain days, causing us to miss updates for more than 10,000 deals.

We propose introducing an offset parameter in the API call, where the limit and after parameters currently work only up to 10,000 results. Below is an example of the API call we envision:



{ "limit": 100, "after": 10000, "sorts": [""], "properties": [ "manual_delivery_ticket", "hs_pipeline" ], "filterGroups": [ { "filters": [] } ] }

We believe that adding an offset feature to the API would provide a viable solution to this limitation. We understand the need for limitations but seek the ability to iterate through multiple calls to access all updated results effectively.

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Is there any update on the issue?

For us this is an important functionality and currently we need to implement complicated logic in order to achieve the final result.

Thanks in advance!