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Intercom Integration: Reporting


We are currently trying to use HubSpot for support and CS teams. We added the intercom and HubSpot integration so now CSR's can see conversations on a contact which is a great first step knowing but it's not very actionable. 



The hope is to report on how many conversations a company/ contact has in a given period. This way we can see which companies are taking more time and energy. Maybe flag it to get the CSR to reach out and help. 


This would be even better if we could flag the unhappy customers from Intercom in Hubspot via a report that could go on a CSR dashboard. 

Ideal CSR Dashboard: *# of companies per CSR, MRR, Last logged in (from Intercom), Happiness (from Intercom), Paid/ next payment (via Chargebee integration), last contacted(being able to exclude or include intercom interactions), *Stage of onboarding, *Missing data needing to be filled out. 

*means we can currently do it

Thank you so much for listening! I really hope we can make HubSpot our CS tool as we scale but if you are not planning on working to be that let me know so I can find another tool. 

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Excellent idea, if this happens it would be beautiful


I agree. Seeing the number of conversations a contact had in a period would help.