In-app chat widget SDK for Native IOS/Android


It is very disappointing that we have been asking for this in app chat support SDK for over 2 years now and it seems that Hubspot does not have any idea on the value proposition of this very small feature!


Since our CRM Hubspot which we now are utilizing fully does not offer the SDK for in app chat support, we continued using Intercom's in app chat support!


For us as an organization this is causing that our service teams are using 2 different platforms (ONLY because of the value proposition of the in app chat)


we are delivering support to our entire users in a click of a button!


90% of our users are mobile users, so how can we benefit from the Hubspot chat widget when it's only for the web ? For us it's useless! 

so how about you start listening to your customers and you go get that SDK done?


the in app chat gives our entire solution a huge value and gets us so much closer to our users offering support instantly and sharing anything wr need with them!


furthermore the intercom in app chat gives us powerful insights about the users device : 


App version number

operating systems version

device type etc


So we get so much valuable insights that allowed us to trouble shoot instantly and provide an amazing support!


so all I can say is that this is a huge disappointment and you need to start LISTENING !