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Improved Smart Copy importing

The Smart Copy import is woeful and need improvements (perhaps other importing methods too, but this idea post will feature on Smart Copy).


Firstly, How does "Smart Copy" importing work?


I hid everything on my source site except 200 blog posts. Nothing else is published, yet the import "Smart Copy" found 726 posts, which is not useful. So it doesn't use the links I give it, it ignores the sitemap (which would be the obvious data for it to use?). So how does it work? And can it be improved? Can we have options like "use a sitemap" or "do not follow links past X page"?


Now after seeing the mess of posts to import, can we please improve how they are displayed on the screen "Review your blog posts for import"


- More pagination - not enough posts are shown at once and no options to change it
- Ability to hide posts from this import / move them to "other pages" so we can be clearer on what we want without having to click through 20-50 pages of posts. 

- Ability to filter by the tags you literally just found. 
- Ability to destroy the found pages and start again (Re-scanning does not seem to achieve this)
- Ability to filter on only posts that have 8/8 mapped elements (this would seperate wheat from chaff)

- Ability to change the final import URL
i.e. if importing /blog/category/post-title, offer ability to import to /blog/post-title or rename it, or something
Make "multiple selecting holding shift" work - i.e hold shift and click a box, scroll to another and click another box and all between should be selected. See Gmail.




- If exporting to a CSV file, the escaping does not always work if the posts contain HTML/code.

- When exporting to a CSV file, some characters are improperly escaped leading to poor looking posts - it's becomes it’s and lines end with ”

- And once I have selected all the posts I want and then export them/do an action - please keep the seletion afterwards (!).