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My team and i would like the option to hyperlink images in our Social Posts. Visuals seem to get more engagement and if our audience could click on the image and get to a landing page, it would simplify the workflow. I like to lead users to landing pages when I release new videos, so if they could click on my video thumbnail image and be taken to the landing page immediately, that would be awesome!

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Hey there,


I don't think it's possible to add links to images in social posts.


If you add a link in your post, Facebook will grab the OpenGraph image from the link URL and display it in your post, including the link, which will make it clickable.


But it's not possible to upload an image to a post and then wrap a link around it.


Happy to be proven wrong of course!


I am currently struggling to do the same and I hope that this option can be implemented on HubSpot within the future

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Hi @WaydeChristie1, what about this case?


1.- Upload a pdf or jpg file to HubSpot (Marketing > Files and Templates > Files).

2.- Insert the URL of the file in a social post (for example LinkedIn) from HubSpot. 


HubSpot should display a clickable image in the post, but is just inserting the link, without the image: 


Captura de Pantalla 2022-05-11 a las 12.45.27.png


Thank you in advance and best regards