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HubSpot Meetings - Multiple Hosts

In the context of individual reporting for Sales Representatives, an important consideration arises regarding the need for accommodating multiple hosts in a single meeting. This feature becomes crucial when multiple representatives are involved in the same meeting, as it enables the proper recording and attribution of activities to the respective staff. Implementing such functionality enhances the accuracy of activity tracking.

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Would like the ability to assign two sales reps to a logged meeting, to be able to track and report.




This would be extremely helpful as I have an AE who schedules meetings for me, but does reflect that these meetings are happeing on my report. The current work around of loging the same meeting twice in hubspot is just going to make the enviorment cluttered



I have the same exact issue as Ryan, I have a team that schedules meetings for me and none of those meetings are logged. I also do the manual workaround of logging a meeting with a contact and would prefer that this is automated. 


Currently in Hubspot the organizer is the only one that will show up in the reports for logging meetings. 


Recently a customer sent the calendar invite to multiple Hubspot users. It grabbed the first user from our company and made him the organizer and logged the meeting under him even though both users were invited.


I would like to see regardless of how many users from the same company are on a meeting, it logs each user under the meeting for reporting. Having multiple organizers in meetings will eliminate a good amount of extra busy work.


I logged the idea:


"multiple users being logged for meetings"




This addition would undoubtedly enhance the functionality and flexibility of HubSpot's meeting scheduling.


This is somethat would really help us when we have multiple employees in a meeting with a potential client... ensuring all those folks get credit and follow-up from the meeting.


+1. Specific thoughts in addition to what has been requested above:

1) Ability to edit the "Meeting Owner" after the record is created (if multiple owners is not possible). I find the fact that the Meeting is assigned to whomever writes/saves the record and is uneditable at that point challenging from an operational/reporting perspectinve.


2) Ability to add Users to the record. I do not want to lump our internal folks and their contact records in with the external contacts on the meeting. They should be separate.


The only way I can accomplish my business use case, given HubSpot's limitations, is to communicate to our team that the person responsible for organizing the meeting should create the meeting record, because once it is saved, the meeting owner is irreversible and we cannot award appropriate credit / gain proper visibility into each rep's activities if they do not follow this process.

This is all in an effort to report an rep's activities and contributions. The team member who set the meeting is often not the same as the team member who hosted the meeting. We need to report on both.


That would be extremely helpful for us as well.


In our current setup our SDRs are booking meetings for the AEs. Unfortunately that means that the meetings, though booked by the SDR, only show up in the AEs reporting.


Our team is needing a group meeting that would always include the same organizer, but the secondary person on our team would be selected from a round robin pool. 


This feature would be used between our CSMs and our service experts so that there is always a SME on their calls but not always the same one. 




Must have feature.