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Have exact reporting on who opened or clicked a marketing email

I am aware of a few ways to get parts of this-  for example, after a marketing email is published, on that marketing email's page you can see "top engaged contacts" which shows a handful of contacts who opened/clicked it 30+ times, but it only shows 30 contacts for each at the maximum. 


Or, I also know I can use lists and marketing email properties to show anyone who opened that marketing email at least once. 


However, after sending a marketing email to 11,000 people for example, users should be able to see a total list of opens and clicks by contact, rather than just 30 contacts total. In order to send follow-up data to sales teams, they need a reasonable indicator of who is interested. If 10,000 opened (which could be determined by existing functionality), this is an unreasonable number for 1 on 1 emails, and would be helpful if I could break up that 10,000 by who opened/clicked each email, letting salespeople chase the best opportunities that match the data. However, service confirmed this is not available for the time being.