GDPR: email and client document Compliance


This feature is for all companies that receive any private documents from clients that should not be saved in the CRM system and only be handled by specific teams or not saved at all. 
Example: if a client provides a copy of their passport or medical records (or any other information classified as personal or sensitive under GDPR) to the email. This is then automatically stored in HubSpot and needs to be manually be deleted. 
Currently, to more easily find these documents, companies can use the filter on the contact level “Attached file ID’s is known”.  However, this catches all contacts with any type of file attached. 


There can be two ways to make compliance in this regard easier. 

1. Better filtering in regard to attached documents. Being able to filter more granular on where the file is. E.g. it is a file which is attached to an email and is an incoming email. Or it is a file that has not been saved in HubSpot by a HubSpot user. 


2. Prevention. As soon as there is an incoming email with a document, HubSpot requests to log this email instead of logging it automatically.

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Great idea!