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Functionality + support for branding in Dark Mode

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As many may have noticed, big brands are starting to add in the option to view UI in Dark Mode. When we send out an email, our branding currently uses dark text - as most email clients (up until now) have had a light background. If we were to send out an email with our current logo and the user views it with their UI set to Dark Mode, it will appear like this:

dark mode.png

We have reached out to find out whether HubSpot can send out the suitable logo version (either light text or dark text) depending on the user's interface preference, but there is currently no support for this.


Has anyone else experienced this same issue? We are not interested in changing our branding just to resolve this issue (some suggestions have been to add a stroke around the text or change the shade of the writing...)


Can HubSpot please consider support for this? We believe the inclusion of Dark Mode as a UI option will only increase going forward.




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Agreed - we're experiencing the same issue with our marketing emails.

Hubspot support for alternating between light/dark logo according to the user's interface is a must at this point. It's disappointing that it wasn't addressed with the launch of light and dark modes some time ago. 


I second your concern about having to change your branding to work with this issue. We've found that the only other ideas to address the issue manually include coding or designing a background under the logo so it would always be displayed over white, for example. Unfortunately, because of the way dark mode works, even hard-coded backgrounds in emails are overwritten when a user implements dark mode. At this point, other than designing a new company logo, we're sort of at a loss when it comes to ideas of how to address this issue on our end. 


At this point without a solution, Hubspot users run the risk of looking unprofessional and unprepared when our emails reach Dark Mode inboxes. 


We've run into this problem too! Any fixes yet?


We have the same problem, and we're in the tech industry with a majority of our database utilizing dark mode - they can't read our emails! How can we optimize our emails for this? 


Same issue here. Access to responsive templates that include code to optimize regardless of which appearance mode the viewer has selected on their device is critical for both branding and visual presentation of messaging.  If HubSpot is going to remain a suitable option for organizations to publish professional, consistant content, this must be addressed across the board, for emails, landing pages, blogs, etc.


This is an important issue for us too.


The only resource that covers this in depth is


I'm not a developer so this is definitely outside my limited CSS/HTML knowledge.  


Commenting to suggest that HubSpot work on a solution for this. Gmail is automatically inverting colors, including dark background modules. I know we can add outlines to images and design logos to work in light and dark mode, but not feasible for most company logos. Please HubSpot - look into a way to add a feature for this. Our eblasts look unprofessional on devices running dark mode.


This is important for us as well.


Agreed! I just found this is a massive probem for me and it makes all my emails look horrible. Hope this is resolved soon.


This is really important to us as well. Do we have any update on this yet?


Yes, please! I use dark mode on my own phone, and it's frustrating to see our marketing emails show up not looking great. There's currently no easy way to address this in HubSpot that I've found.


Hubspot would really have a leg up if they offered a "dark mode" preview toggle/simulator in the email design tool as well as simple tools to draft emails to accommodate dark mode on iOS and Android devices.  Like, ideally all the CSS and special or platform-specific code or whatever is done behind the scenes, so the user doesn't have to fool with it... that would be cool.


We also would have an urgent need to get a solution here, also for users that are working with the templates and will probably not write their own HTML Version for Marketing Emails.


Yes having the same issue here. Mails in light mode are finde, but dark mode destroys some elements which might increase CTR and other stuff. Is there any update on this?


This just came to my attention while testing out some new emails. I sent to my phone, and bam! Logo is gone. Please help with this Hubspot!


This is a big issue for us too - the dark mode seems to affect all the colours in our logo/graphics, not just a darker logo. It's a real pain, and makes us look really inconsistent/unprofessional. 


It would be great if there was a way to easily create a 'fill' background that's not responsive to the display change, or ideally, to directly manage a light and dark view/template. 


Please Hubspot, we need your help!


We definitely need this as well. Especially when using lighter image backgrounds. Our text shows up white and the emails look all over the place. A dark mode version and preview would be amazing.

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Voting for this idea! Considering how important marketing emails have become this year - and how prolific dark mode has become, I hope that this can get expedited.

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It's been almost a year now, has there been any update on this?


We are having the same problems with our emails. It seems to invert all of the colors on HTML emails too. Even if we start in a dark color, the "dark mode" will flip it to a light color.


This is massive for us, too. Up to 80% of people are estimated to be using Dark Mode, depending on the platform. My GOD. 


Same here - this is not good form. Is there no fix or workaround at all? 


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