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Freeze the first column (with contact or company name)

There have been a lot of posts asking to freeze the first title row, but I'm surprised there's not more requests for freezing the first column, like you often do in Excel.


Right now, I can edit the columns available to view under table actions (which is super), but realistically, I can only view ~5 of those columns at a time anyway, before I have to scroll over to the right to see more of which point I no longer am able to see which company/contact's row I am on (unless I manage to continuously hover my mouse over that row while scrolling right). 


Please make it so I can freeze the first column with contact/company name!

PS a bonus level would be to have the option to freeze multiple columns as well, but the first is absolutely the most important.

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October 18, 2023 09:11 AM

Hey everyone,


Wanted to give another update here. This feature is now available to all customers!


Thanks so much for the feedback (and excitement) we received during the Beta period, we made some changes to this feature in response. The most notable change was including the check box into the 'freeze' to ensure that you could continue to check records as you scroll. We certainly have plans for future work on this feature to address asks like 'freezing additional columns', so please continue to share if this addition would be valuable for you and your teams.




Wanted to thank you all again for piling on to this thread and helping us get this feature live to all! 🚀

In Beta
September 21, 2023 04:29 PM

Hey all!


Good news!! - As of today this feature is available in Public Beta! To access, login as an Admin to your HubSpot portal, select your avatar in the upper right (in the navigation) -> Product Updates -> Betas (on the left side under 'Early Access'). Select 'Join Beta' which, after a quick refresh or so, will turn the functionality on in your account. 


The product notification will explain how to access the feature (tldr, select 'edit column' on any Index page view like 'Contacts' and you can opt to Freeze the name column). Be sure to save your update so its there next time. You'll have to take these steps on any view you'd like the name column frozen on. We intend to continue to iterate on this feature so please keep the feedback coming!


Thank you all so much for the feedback here! 




Being Reviewed
August 23, 2023 01:16 PM

Hey all,


Thanks so much for the feedback on this idea - I'm pleased to let you know that this feature is in planning! I will post here as we move towards a release. 


Thanks again for your feedback!!




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Hi there - it'd be very helpful to have the first column (or 2) on the table view of a Deal pipeline freezable (as would be possible in Excel or Sheets). When I scroll to the right to look at values for different columns/fields, I lose track of which Deal I'm on! (We have about 15 columns in our pipeline table view, so they don't all necessarily condense.) 


 I would suggest HubSpot to add a function allowing users to freeze the column at the left  of the table view in order to keep visible when I scroll to the right of the columns? 


Thank you very much.


All of this. I use the contacts filtering A LOT and have so many columns that Im looking at. By the time Im done scrolling to the right Ive basically forgotten who I was looking at. 


Would also be great if the width of the columns were even a fraction easier to resize.


Yes, please add this funtionality to the first columns in lists!!! It would be extremely useful to freeze it and scroll easily! 


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I don't understand what you are doing in the above screen shot. Can you please add more details?



I want to complain that my coolumn widths in my contacts view will not stay how i set them.


Every time i go back to the view, the columns are spread as wide as possible and then have to make thin as possible to see more info --- and repeat.


I've done 100 times since I started and now finally opening my mouth.


How do i freeze my column width in setttings so i can see the most info in my views?


Freezing the first column is essential... in Excel you can freeze multiple columns which is ideal... This would save a lot of time and energy that is wasted by scrolling back and forth; increasing productivity and ease of use.




When you have a lot of columns in a list or table in HubSpot in can be troublesome to analyse since the name columns disappear when "scrolling" to the right. It could be nice to fix on or more columns in place so, lets say the name of a contact or company, is always shown when you look at all other columns. 

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I thought this was the ideas forum? It would also be good to have the headers on top stay visible when you scroll down. This has probably already been requested quite a bit considering how basic this functionality is... (like freeze panes in excel)


Yes please HS this is so basic. 

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Yes, this is a no brainer.  Please add this to the roadmap.


I agree, yes please let us freeze the column(s) from the left, and also save the column sizes in main contact/company/deal views.

I agree with AndeiF!! These are indeed two in my top 10 list of features
that I wish were available in HS. I spend way too much time adjusting
column size to see everything I need to. And even more relevant is to
freeze the first column on the left.
Yes that is very annoying the column width is not able to be saved

The first column in object lists should be frozen when scrolling to the right so we know what line we are looking at.  It'd be nice to be able to freeze multiple columns if we want but thats not what Im requesting.  It should just be defaulted to freeze the first column.


Agree. At least freeze the deal name/ID since we can't move that from being the first column anyway and it's probably what most people would want to freeze.


But even better, allow any column to be dragged into the first slot and frozen or allow multiple frozen columns.


Agree, at least freeze the deal id/name column which always has to be in the first slot anyway.


Even better allow any column to be dragged to first slot and frozen, or allow freezing multiple columns.


Please implement this. It is so annoying to not have this functionality. Frankly, I think it's a major design error and only acceptable if you don't use these tables much at all.


Very useful and a must have.. When does Hubspot have any feedback on this?