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Folders in folder (subfolder) in Sales Documents

Just like most cloud folder and file storage systems,  sales people OFTEN have the same need for the HubSpot sales document tool and maybe under utliise the tool for this reason, since its really a limiting feature and factor limiting user uptake of what is quie a great tool. Sales Documents.


Example: Sales people and team and actually other departments too, who want tracking on document view or read status, need to store vast product calatogues and sometimes may have many versions of each for may reasons, to store on a Product, then sub-product and sometimes another sub-product level.

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can't agree more. To only have 1 level of folders is quite difficult to work with. For example if I want a parent folder called 'Data Sheets' and then under this folder have separate folders for product groups, e.g. 'Gp 1', 'Gp 2', etc, this currently can't be achieved in Sales\Documents. 


Totally agree! Documents is one of the best ways to enable sales to provide value in their outreach. Having subfolders would allow marketing/sales enablement to organize their files in a way sales can navigate resources to send efficiently. For example, searching for documents by industry, by products, by resource type (ebook, case studies, video, etc). Why be able to do this with files, but not documents??? Alternatively, sales teams can sort their documents to send their clients by territory and have relevant documents applicable to their markets.