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Filter objects that owned by active/deactivated users

For particular projects that are based on dynamic lists, we have a need to filter by particular owners. However, when the owner becomes deactivated - those records should be excluded from those lists.

Unfortunately, for list filtering, there is no such option to exclude deactivated users, but it could be handy in various scenarios.


  • Who (what type of role or team) is the feature for?
For administrators and operation teams
  • What is their goal?
Build dynamic lists for various scenarios that help accomplish particular business need
  • What value will this add?
Exclude irrelevant records from dynamic lists will bring value in the various scenarios:
  1. Excluding of deactivated users from list of prospects team will work on
  2. Excluding of deactivated users from regular enrichment processes
  3. Excluding of deactivated users from the specific owner based lists
  4. Etc
  • Are there examples of other places or products who have this feature?
Advanced filters on any HubSpot records allow showing deactivated users among other record owner. Same thing we would like to see in the lists, but with the possibility to simply filter any record from the list where the owner of the record is deactivated
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This desperately needed. Even something as simple as including an option to include/exclude inactive users when using the hubspot team filter would be a big step in the right direction. Similar to how using a property filter has an option to include blanks. 


Filtering objects based on ownership by active or deactivated users is a crucial process for maintaining the integrity and security of a system. This process involves identifying and segregating data or resources associated with users who are currently active and those who have been deactivated. By implementing this filter, organizations can ensure that only authorized and active users have access to sensitive information of gme stock and resources, preventing potential misuse or unauthorized access by deactivated users. This approach not only enhances data security but also aids in effective user management and compliance with organizational policies and regulatory requirements.


I posted a very similar idea here:


Upvoting yours in the hopes that the squeaky wheels....well, you know!