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Filter Deals Based on Company Properties

It would be super helpful to have the Company properties carry over to the Deal when it comes to filtering an reporting. For example, if we're running a campaign and I have a property for leads (in the Company status), once those become Deals, there is no way to track that property any longer, outside of exporting mutliple views to Excel and using vlookups.


Please consider adding this to the expanding functionality of the CRM!



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April 20, 2018 12:47 PM

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We are looking for something similar to this. We'd love to see all our deals by Industry, but the industry is segmented to the company area only. We'd also like to see deals by company lifecycle (SQL, Opportunity, and Customer) but again these are company properties that aren't accessible on Deal reports. 


Doesn't seeing all your deals segmented by industry seem like a basic sales tool?


I agree that without this feature the Hubspot Sales tool is basically useless for evaluating deals (unless you are a very small company and only have a few deals).




I agree with Matt. I am also puzzled that this cannot be done. We are segmenting at the contact level, but also here you cannot apply filters from contact properties to deals. The workaround ist to basically mirrow all segmenting properties at the contact / Company level by adding the same field at the deal level and then design a workflow which update the deal property/ once a new deal is created. Not pretty and difficult to believe this is the only fix...



Sorry. I have to correct my workaround it is not possible to include changing Deal properties in a worflow. You can Contact or company properties but not deal properties... !


Strongly agree with the request to implement a cross query function over Deals - Companies - Contacts. With the todays tools it is simply not possible to satisfy our needs to filter deals for segments, which are assigned to companies, etc., etc...


 As a new HS user from a competitor that has this, it a needed functionality.  I can recreate the dropdown properties under a deal, but it seems like a big waste of time to create the same dropdowns I created under a company and have to RECREATE them under deals.  Example, we tract prospects under the software platform they use to manage there business and have created ideal customer profiles.  If the prospect has a system we have already build the API for our solution to talk to theirs, it scores higher and if I want to look at deals and filter by systems we do and don't have integration with, I need to be able to easily look at deals and filter them.


 This is something we feel that Hubspot is missing as well. It seems silly to create several properties (one under contacts, one under companies and one under deals). As an example, we use 'country' field on a company level but due to that we cannot filter deals based on country. 

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Has there been any update on this or any plans to add to development? I'm at the point where I would need to re-create the same company property and have my reps fill out the same information twice when creating a deal, just to avoid this. Seems unecessary for something that I'd consider basic functionality (ie, crosstab reporting in SFDC)

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Yessssss! Thanks guys!


 Any update on this?


Really want to use this ASAP.

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At INBOUND 2018, we launched a new Report Builder that includes the ability to build a report across your 2 of your HubSpot datasets (otherwise known as "cross-object reporting"). This enables you to answer questions about your company AND deal data, bringing you even more powerful insights about the data in your HubSpot CRM. 


For a quick walkthrough of the new report builder, please check out this article from our knowledge base.


This blog post outlines some of the most exciting reporting & analytics updates from INBOUND, as well a number of examples of cross-object reports you can create in HubSpot. 


Please do not hesitate to pass along any feedback you have on this new tool!


This is useful but as far as I can tell, It's still not possible to filter on the deals page by a company property? I can visualise deals by industry to a chart but then can't go to view those deals line by line.


There doesn't seem to be an easy way for management to view sector pipeline at a macro and then follow the data through to areas where action is required.


We need this as well. Glad to see that something is happening on this.


But was the solution merely to setup a new report type?


We need a filter option within Hubspot, as stated by others, where you can follow the data through company (and contact) properties.



I do not believe this was actually delivered. We're all looking for a way to filter by company fields/properties when filtering the deal pipeline kanban board.


Indeed, for ex. I need to filter out the deals based on the company owner, while the deal owner can be any person from the past. There is no way to do that in the Deal Home. Please add this possibility to create Deal Lists or cross-filter.


This thread has been open for 3 years and the problem doesn't seem to have been solved beyond a messy report workaround. This is so fundamental to the deal flow that I'm amazed this hasn't been prioritized.  Please escalate Hubspot.


Yet again, absolutely mind blowing how unbelievably terrible HubSpot's reporting and analytics tools are.


This thread, like so many others asking for simple things like "show me my 1:1 email open rate percentage" have been open for over 3 years with zero product updates.


After a long-time HubSpot user across multiple companies, it's increasingly getting hard to recommend it vs. other options.


Hi Empathy, Hi all

Would you be so kind to briefly share some alternatives which provide the requested updates?


There has been no further updates on "deals filtered by company", correct? That is really a shame....


We switched over from another CRM, and when validating the required feature set it didn't even occur to me to check specifically for the ability to filter deals board by companies' properties as it seems like a core necessity. I'd really like to hear HubSpot's response as to why is this deficiency not prioritised. Disappointing.