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File Manager functionality

These features would be helpful to web developers, Hubspot admins, and social media coordinators:


  1. Disallow uploading of files to the root directory.
  2. Ability to assign pre-determined upload folders for specific roles.For example:
    1. Social media coordinators could only upload images to the social media folder.
    2. Web developers could only upload files to the website folder.
  3. Images used in social posts (posted through Hubspot) should not show not used anywhere. They should show which social post or at least they were used in social post. This would help in removing files that are actually not used anywhere.
  4. Ability to specify alt-text for images in file manager. This property would get carried over when the image is used in an email or web page.
  5. Ability to change columns used in file manager view - much like you can do for contacts and companies. Display items such as:
    1. file resolution/dimensions
    2. uploaded by
    3. number of times used
  6. Ability to export this information to a spreadsheet.
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We would also like the ability to schedule a file's availability using Hubspot file manager. For example, we have files that due to compliance purposes can only become available at a certain date and time. In some cases, these files need to replace an existing file. We need the ability to version files and schedule those versions as to when they become available.


Thanks - AndrewinKC.