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File Manager - File Sets / Taxonomies

My idea is to improve the File Manager, by introducing File Sets - a system of "tagging" that allows you organise files by near infinite taxonomies.


These "sets" could be surfaced via the API (or Hubl), allowing you generate lists of files filtered by set.


Imagine building an image library, and wanting to filter and list out all files in the set "pets". If you grab the URL parameter "pets" and pass this into a file list filter;


{% for file in files|set("pets") %}

Coming from the work of traditional CMS systems, I was always a fan of Concrete5. They said it best really;


Finding the assets you need on your website can be a real challenge. If you've ever tried to organize a lot of files on your computer you've likely run into the limits of using a single hierarchy. More often than not a single file might belong in more than one place. A single image might belong in /client_assests, /headshots, and /lifestyle. You either end up with three copies, a lot of aliases/symlinks, or just make a choice and live with a less than accurate model of your data. In reality, most assets belong in many different categories, not only one.

File sets let you easily organize files in this new organic fashion. You can add a single file to as many sets as you like. Sets can have an order, but that order is tied to the set, not the file. So that image that fell into many folders above could easily be in a set for each, and might be first in line for one set and burried deep within another.


Here's an overview of their approach;