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Feature Request - Sale price tiers within product library

Hoping for a way to set sell price tiers automatically within our product library (based on company info). Currently, we have to manually discount each product line for each quote. Our customers are set up with sell price tiers (direct, reseller, partner etc), and it's up to the salesperson to remember their exact tier & discount per cent on each item when quoting which causes issues on the back end if it isn't consistent... 


Seems like an obvious feature update! 

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Absolutely, this is currently a severe limitation, and as a partner, we are trying to get some visibility on planned improvements here as it is important for upmarket customisation/integration. It's an obvious need, but the product library/quotes objects are not flexible enough to customise the way we need it at present. Anything we come up with as a solution is hampered by lock down on specific properties. Manual workarounds or external apps are necessary at present. HubSpot product team, we need an urgent solution to keep users operating inside HubSpot.  This is a constant discussion we are having which is disappointing users.


The price options for products nedds to be addressed.

There should be a way to use price lists for tiered pricing.

I thought the addition of product folders was the feature I have been wating for, but I was wrong. 

HubSpot product folders have no useful functions, can not be used in workflows, products in list do not sort, no associations are possible. 

I HubSpot Product Folders was working as price lists  and could be associated with company objects, it would make custom pricing  possible.

The product is not useful to any business with tiered pricing, without the ablity to assign price levels to customers. ( even some FREE CRMs have this feature}

Partner Integrations that claim to fill this limitation are not cost effective, when paying so much for HubSpot already.


It's seems ironic HupSpot has articles about tier pricing for business, Hubspot even sells products with tiered pricing, yet does not provide the function in their products.