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Estimated recipients not receiving a marketing email - more transparency

Hi! It would be extremely useful for my team (and I'm sure other teams) to be able to see the reason a contact is not being sent an email, as well as who those specific contacts are. I included a screenshot of the information that is currently provided, which is quite vague, and think the suggested improvement would be immensely helpful in productivity (something like "See recipients who won't be included in this email send" & then having a column for "Reason"). Thank you & let me know if I can provide any more information!

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I agree, I'm always wondering why some contacts are not receiving our emails. 


BTW - this is also specifically for seeing this information prior to sending an email, rather than only being able to see it after the email has been sent. This way we can attempt to change the email address, and if needed, set expectations with stakeholders.

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100% agree, we've wasted a heap of time trying to work out why contacts aren't receiving emails. Should be a simple report.

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this would be so helpful, even if it took you to a list of those being excluded and showed why


Yes! Why give us this information if it's not actionable? 100% would find increased transparency helpful, with a clickable list so we could fix emails, make them marketing contacts, delete if they've bounced before and we haven't cleaned them up yet, etc.


I agree with this idea as well. I think this would be super helpful! I already take out anyone who isn't a marketing contact, so I know those people shouldn't be listed. I would love to know what the reasons are that they aren't receiving the email.