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Enhance Email Reporting to Account for less Accurate Open Rates

As Open Rate is becoming a less reliable metric for email engagement, additional/alternative metrics should be added to the e-mail marketing analytics we receive at the individual email level.


Additional metrics could be:

  • Website Activity by contacts who were sent the email
  • Form Captures from contacts who were sent the email
  • Any other suggested method for tracking engagement that could be tracked by hubspot using the list of recipients of this email should be a metric we can see when reviewing our sent email.

these metrics should have a 24hr, 72hr, 1 week view. 


I have brought up this enhancement previously and was told these types of reports could be created using reporting tools and dashboards.  Beyond the convience of having this information in the email view, we use active lists for our email marketing, so any reporting we do after an email is sent will never be accurate to the contacts on that list at the time it was sent. As well the time frames we would want for this reporting would be based around the time a specifc email was sent. This now requires us to manually build or clone separate reports (and static lists) for each mailing manually, it would be more useful and realistic to have this automated as part of the HubSpot provided reporting specific to each email.