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Email Reporting - Send Date

Our internal team is working on pulling HubSpot reporting for workflows into Tableau. With that, we want to bring in recency to reporting but currently, we are not able to export a report that includes the send date from HubSpot. Also, the send date is not available within the API. My workaround has been to pull reporting from the email analyze tab and manually assign the dates within a data dump. If we could have the send date added to the report export or the API that would be really helpful. 

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Send date is such a key metric to have for email marketing strategies.

I am surprised this is not accurate and it is currently messed up when using workflows/Automated emails.


It would be ideal to have the 'send date' across the marketing email view and when comparing emails after sends?

How is everybody else doing in defining if the day of sending is to be tested or not?

Ultimately day and time of sends is part of any basic A/B testing strategy?


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Here is a suggestion of for the overview page:

Screenshot 2022-03-21 at 12.46.05.png


Has anyone heard from the Hubspot team on how to report on send date?