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Edit Saved Section and Global Update them

The Saved Section is really helpful, but it's missing the essential editing part. On my website I have re-used a section several times and I had to edit them one by one since there is no "Global Update". That can be an easy feature to add with a huge impact 🙂

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+1 - It would be great if global section templates could be created/saved by the user. 

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Adding an additional option for Global Section templates (in addition to the current Custom Sections and Theme Sections) would be really helpful and avoid unnecessary development of custom modules - this would allow the front-end user to create global content without code.


I'm unclear why this isn't a current feature.  There are many use cases for updating a single section so that it's updated globally across the site.  Please add this feature.


This is no brainer


@hubspot the fact that I can save and use a saved section in multiple pages is a double edge sword.

Websites constantly change and get updated, so it's a true pain for us having to edit those saved messages on EVERY SINGLE PAGE they are used.
Imagine I utilize a section on 15 pages on my website... Every time a single part/element in that section needs to change I need to make the exact same change 15 times!!!! Even WordPress gives you the ability to edit global elements and they would change/update everywhere they're used, with ONE edit.

Please work on this feature soon, for the sake of all you "non-developer" paying customers that build the website with you 🙏