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Edit Rich Results in AMP Pages

When AMP pages are enable in a HubSpot blog, Rich Results for Articles are automaticly generated and added into the code (which is good) following guidelines with J-SON mark up. But unfortunately, this code cannot be edited or change in case the mark up is not correct. 

In the case of our site's blog  there are 2 fields that are clearly "wrong" but we cannot edit them:

1.- Publisher Name. This field is populated by default with the name of the blog; but clearly, the publisher of the post is the company responsible for the blog (our company). So we are confusing Google saying that the publisher doesn't match with the name of our organization (the name of our blog is not the name of our organization). 

2.- Author Type: This is always populated with "Person"; but some of our posts are written/signed by the Organization, not a person.

3.- Rich results in AMP vs Rich results in non-AMP pages. Now we are planning to add rich results in the non-AMP version of the articles and the fiels in both version will not match. Being able to editting the fields for Rich Results in AMP versions will allow us to match Rich Results in both versions of the blog posts.