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Delete form submissions

Often times we enter fake data into our own form to test workflows or we get spammed with fake accounts. I'd like the ability to delete form submissions so they don't impact the metrics.

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This would help tremendously when looking at campaign performance, especially early on. It's very easy to forgot to manually ignore those test submissions!


Agreed! We rreally need to be able to either use a "Test" function for this, or be able to clear out all test data prior to making a form accessible.


I found this article and tested it on a form submission and it worked! Not sure if there is any downfall to this??


We really need this feature for the following reasons:

  1. Testing purposes
    • No one should publish a form without testing it completely.  However, those tests should not be added to the submission data
  2. GDPR/CCPA and any future privacy laws
    • Deleting a user's data (and submissions of that data) is a legal requirement

Being able to delete form submissions would be amazing! We also test using our information and it alters the analytics when we complete testing


Requesting this feature as well. This would be very beneficial in helping us get accurate analytics! 


This feels like an essential feature. Our data is getting skewed just by ensuring that things are working properly. 

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100% needed to clean up testing data


Why isn't this an inbuilt feature? and the idea was proposed on 2017, why isn't it implemented yet?


I feel like the admins here do not understand what we are asking for or why we are asking for it.

The last one who posted just completely dismissed it, and didn't bother following up at all with user responses.

The reason this won't get fixed is HubSpot knows it's not a big enough issue for customers to leave HubSpot over. It's a business decision. Although, I think a short-sighted one.

Pardot is really going after HubSpot customers, offering attractive pricing and we're doing an analysis of moving over. Pardot does offer the functionality of deleting test submissions - at least that's my understanding. If HubSpot does not address this issue it will make it harder for me to stick with HubSpot when we do a competitive analysis. Combined with the continued difficulties of syncing with Salesforce, the bot email activity HubSpot can't filter out, their rudimentary scoring and limited web design tools, HubSpot keeps falling further and further behind their competitors.

It's been a while since I added to this thread, but I wanted to pipe up again and say that HubSpot has worked hard on some really exciting new Form reporting tools, and we're really looking forward to being able to use them once the ability to clean our form data has finally been patched.


It will be great if HubSpot can allow users to input "INVALID" or delete test data form submissions soon. 


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We have a client that "mistakenly" submitted a legal problem as a response to one of our blogs. He called the next day and asked that the information he shared on the blog was private and that he wanted us to delete it. While I know the information he shared is not public, I'd still like to be able to honor his request and delete the submitted information.


Completely agree with this, I recently had a developers test one of our highest trafficed forms ~100 times. He obviously didnt think about the repercussions from the reporting end and I now have no way to remove that data from our Executive Dashboard. It's going to be a pain to explain and remind our leadership of this "glitch" in the future.


@davereinke if a developer needs to test a form 100 times to ensure functionality is working, then so be it. We shouldn't have to compromise our workflows by being careful not to pollute the data. How do we get this issue prioritized? 


We are currently setting up an integration with an event registration system. To do this, we've had to test the form first and then the integration. Now the registration system is full of test registrations that we can't delete because everything keeps syncing.


Very supportive of having a way to delete test submissions. It also skews the analytics when we report conversion performance to content owners. 


Yes this is a must needed feature 


I agree! Duplicate, dupe and test submissions are a real pain to keep track of and remove from exports, and skew the data. Also, the GDPR compliance point is very good. 


100% agree... deleting form submissions would be ace! 
When testing workflows it's very time consuming to make clones of everything just to test. It would be cool if we could have a test account that would test the workflow and all it's components that wouldn't count towards our anylatics.