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I've my admin email address and I also have several other connected accounts.


How can I do to set-up as default one of the "others" connected accounts instead of my Admin account?


Thanks in advance for anyone who can help me on this.


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Mar 19, 2021

Hi everyone - Thanks so much for your comments and engagements on this thread. We take your feedback very seriously and have been tracking the popularity of this request. We don't currently have the bandwidth to tackle this work right now, so I'm updating the status of this idea to reflect that. Apologies that it's not better news, but I will be back here with an update if and when we are able to move forward with this!

Mar 20, 2017

Hey @sebavicto @DyfedWallis I apologise for the delay in getting to this query. 

I'm sorry, but in this case I don't understand the question. Could you explain further?


Are you trying to add multiple connected accounts in addtion to your own? 
It is not possible to have this set up by default, each user must log in individually and follow these instructions to connect there inbox:


Plet let me know if I have misunderstood the question. 

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Can you update me when this feature becomes avaiable, please? Thank you!


This is very important for me as well. Should name changes ever occur at a business, the ability to specify a default email address without going through the hassle of rebuilding your account may be very important. Please consider adding this feature. 


Joining in on this thread as I need to set 1 email address as my default "From". Using a pulldown each and every time I send a message defeats the need for speed in prospecting. 


YES - I need this ASAP! 


I also wanted to add that this is *very* frustrating to me, and I am not sure why I can switch to my correct email I want to use for sales fluidly, but not just set it to default there.

Also, the link that roisinkirby provided for us to vote on in Hubspot Community is a different issue.  That link is for having 2 email addresses for a contact.  We are asking that we be allowed to choose the default email address we send from for the built-in emailing/CRM functions.


I need this also.  Is there any update on this functionality?

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I've had the same issue for a client - they mostly send via a group email to customers, which is also hooked up to Conversations within HubSpot, although, it's really easy for them to accidentally send via his or her personal email rather than the group email. They never send from their personal emails so it makes sense to have the group email set as the default for each team member.


I totally agree, this is a real issue for our team, we share a same inbox and have to change the sender adress almost every time we send an email. Beeing able to choose a default sender adress for each account would be a real time saver. Keeping the option to change the email is good too. Hopefully hupspot can implement this soon.


Here is another similar but specific about setting up a default email connected with the account to send emails:


For me, it's not a big deal to create a new user for myself and start using that one and delete the current one to change the email address (Although it's quite a lot of wasted time - would prefer the ability to just change my primary email address somewhere) but I have the super admin account - can I create another super admin and delete this one?


The thing is that I want to send primarily sales emails only from/via HubSpot and all the huge amount f emails, not sales/marketing related that come to my primary email shouldn't end up at HubSpot.

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Hi @kasparp,


If you are a super admin you can create a new user as a super admin, and then when you are ready you can delete your old user. 


Yes - I would like this feature as well. We manage multiple brands under our corporate domain and would like to be able to select a "from" account when enroling a contact in a sequence.




This is really a rediculuse situation. You can choose the email you want to send from in the dropdown when composing an email on the contact page but in the sequances, that dropbox doesn't exists so it's a roll of the dice which email the system will use to send these emails?!

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We have a client who has several business units in one Enterprise portal with different pipelines, reports, etc. but would like to see some of that customization in the marketing side.


We had a request to send out an email from the marketing coordinator for a certain business unit. They wanted to send a list to all of their contacts in Texas and make the email come from account managers in the business unit. I set the from email and from name as and but needed to set a default in case any of these contacts didn't have an owner assigned. The requesters wanted the default to be something specific to their business unit. 


Because this unit is currently the most active and mature in their use of HubSpot they are getting the benefit of "first come first serve" in this sense, but if another business unit has a similar request, we can't use these defaults. My understanding is that in some large organizations, they will purchase individual Hubspot portals for each business unit which would allow each unit to set their own defaults. Our client has gone the route of purchasing one single Enterprise portal for all of their business units. As I said earlier, they have unique pipelines and reports on the sales side which is great, but they are lacking that same granular level of customization on the marketing side. 


I know this is probably a complex thing to build into HubSpot, but it would be amazing if you could create a different set of property defaults for personalization based on different teams/business units the same way you can build different pipelines for each team. This is really just the tip of the iceberg on this topic. I can see this expanding.


With Sales Pro you have all these templates and sequences available for each business unit. On marketing side it's just email templates, blog templates, custom social posting schedules (which you can only create one I believe). 


Purchasing multiple portals can create a lot of inefficiency. I think having this ability to customize on a more granular level on the marketing side would be a big value add to the enterprise level subscription. 

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We also have clients reqesting this feature. With Service Hub you don't want Tickets answered from your personal email but rather with the connected team email. 



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This functionality would also be required in the new email drag and drop functionality.


I really need this feature too.


We really need this feature as well. Sequences feature is useless if we can't set a primary "send from" email address...


Same deal here also. We really need this functionality urgently.


We have a team of salespeople and don't want them to send via their personal sign-in email addresses and instead use a group "sales" email addresses as their default. 


As mentioned in numerous other replies to this issue and request, this is something that can be manually selected by changing the From and is, in reality, a very simple implementation from present day (I'm a programmer with over 20 years experience).


At present we're having to send emails to over 2,500 people in an intensive campaign and we need to manually change the From of every individual email sent, which we sometimes forget and it gets tiresome when sending 100-200 emails per day. This functionality is imperative to us.


The other thing we are finding decidedly obvious in terms of omission is de-duplication of records. Every other CRM we're aware of has a de-duplication system which can be run to display a list of duplicates to merge.


We in fact purchased Hubspot on the basis of your system advertisement of "automatic de-duplication", yet this is absolutely terrible from what we've seen.

We thought we would be migrating our system to a "new evolution" and instead find that the de-duplication doesn't seem to work at all...


The only alternative we could find was to sign up for Dedupely (at an additional cost, I might add) and on doing this on a trial basis, their system couldn't even find any duplications. Support tickets were then logged and apparently the integration wasn't working correctly, even on our trial. The trial then expired before their support team could even fix it. So essentially, there's no way to correct these duplications except to manually merge them one by one (what a pain the a%$e).


We have some records in our database which are so obviously duplicates and yet Hubspot can't/doesn't automatically merge them, nor is there a "Merge Duplicates" section. i.e. our records have the same First Name, Last Name and Email address or Phone number and your system still can't see them.


These are the two things that are so annoying and need correction that for our organisation it is a deal breaker.


Sorry to hijack this thread with something that has two issues rolled into one, though these are areas to our mind that really require significant work.


If these errors are not corrected in the near future, we will be exporting our information and looking elsewhere.






Actually, the email address selection was already solved. When you select some contacts and click on the "enroll in sequence" you will see the "from" emails list on the top left corner of the screen. 

It actually allows you to select different email addresses for different contacts!


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