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Deal lists with Products (Line Items) or more options for Cross Over Statistics

If I would like to search for Deals that include specific Line Items (Products) , it would not be possible to search for this or even create a Satistic.


You can not Filter Deals that include specific Line Items

You can not create a List for Deals which have specific criterias

You can not create a cross-over Statistic with Deals and Line Items to create a list of Deals which have specific Line Items.


The AND function in the reports does not combine to line items.


Cross-Over Report from Deals and Line Items.

- All Deals which are "Closed Won"

- All Line Items which are "Product A" AND/OR "Product B"


--> Shows all Deals which have either Product A or Product B. But not the Deals which have ONLY this combination.


I only want the view Deals which have a specific combination of Deals.


The list option gives more fliter option but his is only possible for the contacts and companies.


Please add this funktions hubspot..
Other line item reports are nice but here is a lot of upgrade potential.

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It would be very helpful if you could filter the deal overview according to which products are deposited in the deal.


The new custom reports allow some very good cross-reporting but it is a shame to have to recreate all the built-in deals reports just to be able to filter based on the products included in the deal.


From a product marketing standpoint this is key to reporting.


Would love to be able to filter based on the Line Items to know which product type is being purchased. 


Like ybn mentioned here, we can build a custom report, but in our use case, we really need a list. We sell courses and use "deal + line item (SKU)" to determine who should get what communication. It doesn't seem farfetched to be able to build a list with requirements about the associated line item with a deal, especially since you can build reports and workflows this way.


Please add!