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Dashboard clone to other portals

As and agency we have some main dashboards that are usefull to all clients. Instead of creating each dashboardn in each client portal, we 'd love to clone the entire dahsboard to other portals (just as a CMS template). This 'd save so much time to agencies.

If you agree give up a vote please.


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October 26, 2022 10:31 AM


My name is Shanker Sahai, I am the product manager here at HubSpot and we are beginning to learn more about how we can help partners and agencies clone dashboards from their portal to the client's dashboard.


I am looking to interview 3 to 5 partners to learn what the ideal experience would be, the most common dashboards you clone and what workarounds you have today.


Please email me at and I can share my meeting link where you can schedule a time that works for you.

Thank you!

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This would be really useful for us as well!

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I am sure that all of our clients would love this idea. 

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This feature would be great! 🙏 And would save us a lot of manual labour. 


Currently you can clone reports and clone dashboards. But if you want to use the same layout and reports in a different account you have to create it again. This should be added. 

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it would be useful to be able to share dashboards across multiple portals - As a solutions partner, we have a standard set of dashboards that we build out for customers - It would be good to be able to roll them out across multiple clients without having to build out each one.  It would save partners a lot of time.

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This would be wildly helpful! 

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This would be efficient!

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As an agency, I can really agree to this. Much needed!

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This would save so much time as many of the dashboards we create for one client, we need for other clients. Of course items in some reports would have to be adjusted once cloned to match correct lists etc. but other general reports would populate the portals data once cloned. Would help so much!

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Carrying on an old thread, this would really help my company. Please give me this capability Hubspot!

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Would love to see this feature become available - as an agency helping to build out reporting dashboards for clients - we have some standard dashboards we'd like to be able to add as a starting point. Since we're able to copy project templates from portal to portal, I'm hoping this a feature we can see soon!

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Great idea! 

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This would be huge! I'm sure all agency partners would get a lot of value from this feature. 


Yes, this would be really useful for us as well!

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This would be a huge time saver for agencies !

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This would be a great feature!

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This would be really useful!

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Yes, please

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Yes, this would be really useful !!

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A much-needed feature! It would be great as an agency!