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Dashboard cannot use date filter when using cross-reporting across contacts and companies



I created a report that used cross reporting across contacts and companies, and within the report I can add a date filter. 


However, when I add it to my sales dashboard, the date filter for the whole dashboard doesn't seem to affect that particular report.


So, for now, I need to manually change the date range each time. How can we get the cross-object report to change data automatically on the dashboards?

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I've been trying to create reports that filter targets prospects and sales activity, without the ability to easily filter it, this leaves me having to create dashboards for each team which is a pretty critical flaw for target initiatives.


Same issue, it's a big pain for us that the personal data crossing object report can not be filter well.

For example we wanted to send by automatic email our sales dashboard with all the reports filter by the general date range on the top. It's not possible because on this dashboard there is normal report but also personal crossing objects reports. So for example if I put date range this month for all reports on the top, it will not work for the cross data report and show wrong data...

I really hope hubspot will change that soon...


Jumping on here as well because this is vital. It is ridiculous to have to edit the date ranges manually on cross object reports. Am I going to come on daily and change the date rate for 20+ reports?


Upvoting here - this is a bug, not a feature request.  Having a filter on a dashboard for date ranges that only applies to some types of reports is a bug.  If you don't want to support cross object reports on the same dashboard as single object reports, you need to indicate that in the UI/not allow it as its a limitation of the product.  Allowing it on the report and not having it behave correctly is a bug.  I subscribe to the reporting add-on specifically to use the advanced reporting capabilities, and if they don't work, its not a needed product.


Please fix ASAP!


Absolutely vital to companies that want to report margin (everybody I suspect).


This is definitely a bug, upvoting this, Hoping to see at least an official reply from the Hubspot product manager/dev team addressing our concerns.

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Any updates here? Great reporting updates from Inbound but this one seems like a no brainer


Not being able to filter cross-object reports is causing us real problems. We're having to condsider, and review, multiple reports where one - and functional filtering - would suffice. It's a pain, and costing us time and reports! 



This is such a basic functionality that shouldn't be taking this long to be implemented...


This would be useful. I do this too (cross object for contacts and companies) to understand how many we are reaching with our outreach every month. But I have to manually change the filter dates in each report if I want to look at a different month. I would like to simply change the dashboard filter dates and all the reports will reflect those numbers.


This is a big gap in functionality.  Hubspot team - please address!




It is so Basic to have that on sales reports!
How can one manage channels or teams without knowing how many sales they mad in the past X time?


I would appriciate if you will solve it A.S.A.P


Will be glad to be on Beta for this.


This is a needed and time saving fix. Also, the new custom reporting is has the same flaw. Please Hubspot!! 

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Are there any updates here @hubspot?


Would love to see this update. Dashboard reports with cross-object filters are visual headache without the ability to change Date Range.

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I want to suggest a new important feature to Custom Reports Builder! I really liked the kind of reports I can make with that new tool (it's really powerful, congratulations to the team!), but the lack of one feature prevents my team from using it.


Most of my Dashboards use a date range filter so we can see how we are performing at a specific range that applies to every report (most used is this month, last month, this week, and last week). But Custom Report Builder reports are not affected by that filters (probably because we can set more than one date filter) and this makes it impracticable for my team to use this new tool as no one wants to edit every report when using them.


Would be great if I could set a specific filter on my Custom Report Builder reports to be changed by dashboard filters!




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Yes - It's painful that you cannot change the date range on Cross Object reports without editing the reports. It makes it difficult to analyze data


I echo Felix's comments, a giant leap forward with the new Report builder Thanks!



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Agreed, the custom reports builder is great but the first thing my client wanted to do was filter it on date! Would be great to have this feature as I'm sure this will be a common request.


Agreed completely. So excited about the cross-object reports but now feel at a standstill as I can't filter across the dashboard...