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Customizing Attribution Reporting for ACV

Our company would like to be able to develop dashboard reports that demonstrate how Asset Type, Campaigns and Marketing Channels have influenced revenue. In the attribution report builder this is an option, however you can only quantify it in dollars associated with a deal (broken down to be linear, first touch, etc) – not with the calculated ACV that our company uses.


If you try to go about doing this via a Custom Report however, many of the unique interaction source and attribution values that are available in the new Attribution Report are not queryable, leaving you only with "Original Source", which does not give a ton of detail about what kind of marketing activities are working.


My understanding is none of these interaction types/asset types/channels are things that can be grabbed and mapped to a Custom Property by the Workflow tool. 


I would love to see either the Attribution Report expanded to allow you to designate what kind of breakdown you're looking to show for influence on deals (It's exact deal value, the deals ACV, or any other unit of revenue), OR – even better – I would love to see all of the EXCELLENT datapoints in the new Attribution Reports be avalable in the Custom Report builder. I think this would make it SO much more powerful and allow marketers to really showcase to their stakeholders the different ways channels, assets, campaigns impact deals.