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Customized properties

The feature is essential for companies which make use of different client segments.


The goal is to make sure that whenever you delete a segment you have created in a customized property, that you will be notified to see in which client accounts the segment will be deleted and if you want to change the segment choice for the specific clients. 


The value it adds: you will not lose any information of your clients and as they will be segmented to another segment if one segment is deleted; it can still be possible to make sure the marketingtools and salestools can be done correctly. 


Examples with bars:

If you want to make it more simple for example, like a customized property with restaurant only and want to delete the segment bar. Furthermore, if i delete this segment than all of the clients that were a 'bar' are not linked to a segment anymore. So why can I not get notified like, do you want to add the clients, who were segmented in a bar first, place them in the restaurant category after deleting the segment bar. 


Example with restaurants in short:

If I want to adjust client segments and I want to delete the segment; restaurant (gastronomic). Than I want all the clients that are categorized with this segment to pop-up to make sure that they will still be categorized, only in a different segment.
Somehow right now. Nothing pops-up when I delete a segment, so i won't get notified which client will not be segmented anymore after I delete a segment


I hope this is clear enough for everyone. In case not, just send me a message.