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Customize statement descriptors in HubSpot Payments



I know Payments is still new-ish, but it would be great if we could customize statement descriptors in HubSpot Payments at the Product level, like Stripe can


I wouldn't want to change the business name, just what comes after; e.g. Business Name*APPLICATIONFEE or Business Name*AFDONATION or even Business Name*[dynamic token like an Order ID]. 


The goal of this functionality is two-fold:

  • We know that clear statement descriptors reduce chargebacks; as we expand our use of the Payments tool and improve the user experience overall, we want to be as clear as possible with our users what a specific charge was for.
  • We're a small nonprofit — this would be a value-add for our finance director, who would have greater visibility at the bank account level what one charge or another is for. As a nonprofit, we want to ensure that, say, donations to Fund 1 are correctly allocated, and having that extra level of reporting would be helpful, especially when revenue is coming from different sources and not everybody is a wizard at online dashboard reporting (and not every software is as good at that as HubSpot!). 
    • (We don't currently intake donations via Payments, but we may want to!)