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Customer-facing Rollback Import

Hi HubSpot -

I signed us up for the Beta feature allowing for rollback of import and I noticed and was confirmed by HubSpot Tech that this feature is currently available to HubSpot Support.

I would like to suggest to make it available to HubSpot Admins/users too. That feature saved me hours of time in the past and is extremely helpful.

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I would find this very useful. Having just had to manually delete contacts, companies, and deals imported from a poorly formatted csv, I can say that this would save a lot of time. When I was chatting with a customer service rep, she shared screenshots with the rollback feature available. I just assumed I had it as well but when I went to check it wasn't available to me for any imports. Is there a reason why this isn't available to us? And why would a CS rep tell me to use that feature if it isn't available to customers?


This option was available for us during Beta but was removed when it went live. I agree that this feature is really a time-saver. I also just learned last week that eventhough you contact Customer Support to rollback import/association, they wouldn't be able to do it if you selected the "update existing contacts" only versus "update and create new contacts".